Banzi's Secret Diary(season 1)

Year of Production
Content Type
2D Animation
Target Age
13(min) 52Quantity Input
Production Stage
Completed Programs
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Banzi is an ordinary but playful and charming little girl. She likes cute and decorating things, and thinks that the love and friendship outrank her study. She has a dad who works at a food company, a housewife mom, and a baby sister name Danzi. Banzi is the happiest girl, always having fun with her best friend Eungsim and Namnam and getting the infinite affection from her handsome boyfriend Hoyong. Banzi’s ultra-positive energy makes the people around her happy, although she could get clumsy and naive sometimes. She dreams of being a cartoonist, living her life not a second bored with all of her boundless imagination. It’s a secret that what Banzi and her friends will do to make us smile today, with all those fun and exciting events. Come and meet Banzi and her friends at the Strawberry Town, and share the secret diary filled with their interesting daily lives!

Company Profile

Character Cartoon Animation

Soul Creative co., LTD

Soul Creative Co., Ltd. is professional animation production studio and providing TV series, animation film, mobile animation and etc. In addition, we are keep effort and explorations to provide variety of genre and platform. We have been engaged in animation planning, production and distribution, also extend business to character licensing.
The motto of Soul Creative is fun and communication. Our goal is to bring you the excitement of content that is fun.

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