beast of the palace

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He knew that his ability was extraordinary, but he knew that he would not be king
The princess wanted to live quietly with the maid for the rest of her life.
However, the plot of the country that covets the present country prevails, and the prince, who feels that the princess is a threat, touches the princess' maid and the maid disappears.

The moment he touched the maid who truly cared for him among those who lived in the palace all their lives and told lies for their own benefit,
The extraordinary pythons begin to stretch to become dragons that go beyond this weapon on their own to protect their people.

"The princess of the present country will unify the three countries."

Will the prophecy be completed and the princess become emperor.

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GoodyStudio, a company that makes webtoons well!
We are producing works under a block deal for webtoons and web novels with KakaoPage, and we are collaborating with nearly 10 works of RIDI and Noble Comics.
In addition, we hope to discuss the distribution of various works that are already being produced, co-produce Noble Comic We hope to discuss various conditions for visualization of many works, including our web novel work 'Lee Seol Yi-hyun'.

GoodyStudio, which specializes in producing high-quality webtoons, operates a special studio
Through this collaboration, we hope to discuss the production and distribution of various works that can discuss OSMU with various partners.

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