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bicus is a combination of BIG and US, which means a big world together.

Brands and users create a new paradigm in the digital land through metaverse interaction and photography

Metaverse Space of Brand as Brand
: Metaverse allows brands to showcase their charm and sensibility in elegant virtual spaces

Best Brand Item Expressing Metaverse
:Brand's historically elegant items can be experienced in metaverse.

Expressing Your Identity: The Persona System in Action
:The user can express their unique personality in the metaverse by customizing their appearance with costumes and accessories as they desire.

Multi-platform and bicus Key Features
:A comprehensive metaverse service that supports all device platforms with voice and text chat.

Company Profile

Immersive Content


Bibimble is a compound word of Bibimb and Able, which means that we will create a new culture by mixing various technologies and contents.
The name ‘Bibimble’ originated from one of the traditional culinary in Korea, which is a dish with colourful vegetables and is very well-known for its rich taste in Korea. Our mission is to create an innovative hybrid service by merging different technology, culture and knowledge.

Based on the patented technology "HOLOMR", which combines virtual reality and hologram, and mice metaverse "vibetechreal", Bibimble is planning new contents using AR, VR, MR, HOLOGRAM and fusion technology and making new contents through continuous R AND D.

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