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[The Secret of the World We Do Not Know]

I’m sure you have experienced something like this before.

It’s a glorious day outside and you suddenly finding yourself spaced out…

In the closet, the only shirt you would like to wear is gone…

All of a sudden, you spill coffee on your precious laptop!

You start to panic about all these unintentional accidents in daily life. These are, in fact,

all the happenings of the cute mischievous creatures called MMMM. MMMM live inside the bags we carry around everyday. They sometimes surprise us or startle us, but also at times, unthinkably, help us to make the best decisions we can.

MMMM use their special magical and mystical powers called Jelly Touch.

By touching our bodies, it allows them to control our minds and cause trouble

in certain circumstances.

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