Butterflies around the World, Gather Together!

Year of Production



Volume 7 in the Gather Together series
A colorful journey on learning how different color shades are made!

A yellow butterfly flutters along with new friends, creating new colors as it goes. When the yellow butterfly meets a blue butterfly, out comes a green butterfly. When the blue butterfly meets a red butterfly, out comes a purple butterfly. The dramatic journey that starts from yellow, blue, and red butterflies rises to its finale when all butterflies gather to create the color black. Young readers can learn how different shades of color can create new ones as the colorful butterflies become friends with each other. The book also includes workbook pages that allows the readers to draw and color their own butterflies.

Company Profile

named after the library of an old Korean scholar


YEOYOUDANG Publishing Co.

Yeoyoudang, named after the library of an old Korean scholar, is a publishing company that has published various books for children and youth, starting with the Learning about Korean History series in 2005. Since then it has gone on to publish beautifully written and illustrated books for children and youth from both home and abroad, including novels, books on historical figures, history, and humanities, that serve as a beacon in life.

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