Cafe Kilimanjaro

Year of Production
Content Type
Web/Mobile Content
Online Video Platform/MCN
Target Age
15(min) 10Quantity Input


The joy of singing with the band "Leopard," which suddenly came to San-ha, who had never had "my favorite" in particular, became the first "dream" to be born.
Friends who had pledged to grow into a very famous band and make money began to follow their own lives after graduating from high school. The day when he accidentally got in touch with his bandmates, who were in a good mood after a long time in a while, was sharing memories! After a long time, friends gathered together and agreed to run for the last year for the dream that was buried deep in memory. He signed a contract with his bandmates to use the money they saved as a practice room with the ambition of singing for a year... By the way, a woman suddenly appears and tells them to leave the cafe immediately, saying she is the owner of the cafe and has never sold it or received money.
He is very embarrassed because it was his first time lying to his father about getting a job at a small company. Where the hell did it go wrong?

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Jaye Entertainment Co., Ltd. focuses on the media image field including multimedia mainly among the many existing content business companies in Korea, so that the unreasonable elements arising from the existing content distribution transactions are treated as sound and reasonable It is a company that has led to the distribution stage. We understand the needs of content holders and content users precisely and provide content, and realize seamless content distribution services through direct and indirect investment. Based on the network and expertise of the existing media field, we have the ability to carry out reliable projects.

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