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Captionlook is a platform of interactive video contents inclued IT technology to enable users to interact with video.
Captionlook provides a virtual experience space, where you can talk with characters in videos.
Also Captionlook offers a demonstrable environment, where you can find only the scenes you want in videos.

Company Profile



ILEDI(International Language Educational Development Institue)
was established in 2011 under the support of Korean government to solve the language barriers.
Our company specialized in "interactive English Education Matrial" for learners.
We have two kinds of core technologies.
One is a technology of "Interactive Closed Caption", by which you can talk with characters in the videos.
Th other one is a technology of " Video Data Mining", by which you can find only the scenes you want in the videos.
Now, our technologies are registered as a patented technologies in five major countries (USA, China, Japan, Korea, India)

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