Car with a Dream

Year of Production
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Limited-edition digital prints of original artwork by artist Myung-gon Kim
New content that combines artistic content and technology using AR technology

Company Profile

Startup Immersive Content

EverTreasure Inc.

EverTreasure aims to become the Dow Jones of the art world, providing a platform where global artists can freely form communities with individual and institutional partners and generate revenue.

We hope to revolutionize the once-exclusive art ecosystem and offer artists the chance to dream, and through the YeaTu platform, partners can become global art investors and enjoy the best experience of growing together.

Artists from various fields who have been financially excluded over the years can use the YeaTu platform to create a pipeline with individuals/companies/public institutions for revenue-generating activities and receive a lifetime financing solution based on AI analysis-driven credit rating models.

On the offline front, by establishing complex cultural clusters ET Korea, ET US, ET EU, and ET SEA, we promise to create art hubs where artists from various sectors like fine arts, film, music and sports can continuously produce convergent content, thereby building a global cultural exchange system and enhancing the quality of human life through diverse content.

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