Challenge King

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“CH9TV" professionally produces TV programs related to ‘Challenges’ in Korea.
We would like to introduce you our TV program called "Challenge King”

This program contains the stories of people who challenge in a variety of events
and places such as Korean food cooking contest and experiencing the Korea event etc.

It consists of 20 parts and each part runs 50 minutes with 4 episodes (80 episodes in total)
(Season1 : 50min x 10episode / Season2 : 50min x 10episode)

Sample Movie :
- Challenge King Festival :
- Challenge King Cook :
- Challenge King Runl :
- Challenge King Winter :

The challenge focuses on the stories of ordinary people who challenge themselves in various fields, not the stories of some famous entertainers becoming main characters.
We will try to keep original intention and become a company that receives receive thank-you letter from customers.

Company Profile



CH9TV (Channel Nine Television), which was established in 2001, is an 18-year-old content company this year.
We provide high-quality of broadcasting contents and generate revenue by serving various platforms, including domestic and foreign broadcasting stations, cables, Internet, and mobile.

Festival, travel, cooking, hobbies, and other lifestyle contents are created in our own way, providing joy to many people.
We're making profits from various business models such as advertising, marketing through collaboration with companies.

CH9TV has a unique story that no other company has. It is our own brand, 'Challenge King'.
Challenge King is a combination of 'Challenge' and 'King'(JJang, awesome), It's about trying to be the best in a variety of fields, or the best.

'Challenge King' is its own brand that has found and created the potential of a business model in people's laughter, considering the format to tell the story of ordinary people living in various ways of life.

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