ChapCorn Friends

Year of Production


* Character name is to be defined as 'ChapCorn Friends'

* Currently, Gimbop in Korea has become a representative K-FOOD in major overseas countries
I personified the ingredients of gimbap as characters, and I made 'ChapCorn Friends' IP into K-Character/K-Contents
Branding and combining with various Korean food groups to promote another diversification of K-FOOD

* Currently, the product planning that combines the character (Gimbap Ingredient Character) + food has been completed
→ Gimbap Roll-shaped Cotton Candy, Frozen Gimbap, etc

* The character product line to be developed is intended to enhance national prestige through overseas exports rather than domestic distribution

* Expandability and ease in the future with all color combinations such as red/orange/yellow/green/blue/navy/purple
I want to develop it as a character IP considered

Company Profile

Immersive Content Other


We are expanding our distribution business beyond Asia (Japan, China, Southeast Asia) to South America, North America, Europe, Oceania and Africa.
The main business models are as follows.
1) Korean Traditional Food Business
2) Confectionery & Beverage Business
3) Food Materials Business

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