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Duk-bae is a seasoned "Dasiraegi" performer who puts on a stage play-like ritual to wish the dead happy in their next life and comforts the bereaved family. His goal in life has been to become a National Intangible Cultural Heritage and make a name for himself.
One summer day, Deokbae's only daughter, Su-nam, returns to Jindo's hometown after 20 years of running away from home. Next to Su-nam, who came after hearing that her grandmother had passed away, her daughter named Flower was holding her hand.
Su-nam, who wants to buy her daughter a piano for her birthday and leave home, makes money by singing on stage, and Flower begins to open up to Duk-bae.
However, the father's attitude of considering even his family, Su-nam and Flower as obstacles to achieve his dream only adds disappointment and hatred to Sun-nam, and even the pain is aggravated by the trauma of cicadas' crying that come every summer.
There is no happy future for Sunam who has long since lost her childhood dream as a singer and happy memories with his parents.
To make matters worse, a bunch of loan sharks who are putting her at bay, a world without sympathy, life is really cruel to her.
Eventually, Deokbae's selfish heart begins to shake as she sees her daughter and young granddaughter at the end of the world.
What was family to Deokbae, and what did it mean to be so obsessed with "Dasiraegi"?
Finally, Duk-bae begins the last Dasiraegi of his life to save Su-nam who has been driven to the cliff of life without any hope.

Company Profile

Jayuro Pictures is a company that plans and produces movies, dramas, and musicals. We hope that humanity will be free from all prejudices and oppression, and that our works will be a path to freedom and happiness. So our company's logo was designed in freewheeling Korean fonts to form the image of 'The Road to Freedom'.

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JAYURO PICTURES CO., LTD pursues creative freedom that does not discriminate against countries, ideologies, races, or religions,
We plan and produce original well-made contents that give impression and fun.
In addition, we are pursuing to enter the global market through remakes of excellent original works at home and abroad.
Based on various production experiences and networks such as dramas, movies, entertainment shows, and musicals,
It aims to be a global production company that produces global OSMU content.

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