City of Eternal 7 Days 2018 Launching Campaign

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Using CATV, OOH, and digital media, the public is informed of the game's launching news. The campaign is conducting user contact at various places, especially targeting ACG users (animation, comic, game).
The game mainly features "square frame" and 7days. Based on that, it is creatively designed to communicate the game's unique worldview and game styles.
It ranked 3rd in game popularity and 5th in sales within a week of launching. And It still remains one of the top 10 rankings in sales.

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D.PEOPLE communications KOREA provides working on advertising marketing in general.
In the advertising services, we provide working related to advertising including On Line, ATL, BTL in general.
All the divisions keep close collaboration in each division for mutual synergy.There is one clear value that D. PEOPLE communications KOREA tries to deliver to Clients.It is insight to recognize and predict exactly what clients want at the point of contact with them.
This is we try to find the future that current clients can accept and need to feel one step ahead rather than as abstract future, which is the value that D.PEOPLE pursues in every area of the company,EX ideas.
It does not mean something completely new, just an interesting thing, a beautiful thing.
The essence of EX ideas is to mean to make them look at what exists in the world and in our imagination from a different perspective.

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