Crush of Spring

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2017 A work selected by the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency as a 'World Empathy Webtoon Development Support Project' and achieved 700 million views in Kuaikan, China. 'Sal-Byeol' is run away from 'Min Seo-yoon' who was obsessed with him. so he lived in a cross-dress, tries to leave Joseon to using his marriage to poor nobleman 'Jin Geum-sung', but finally falls in love with him and the three men becomes entangled like fate.

Jin Geum-seong tries to make ends meet living with his single mother. As usual he went to the mountains to find some wood and saw a woman who swam in the water. He thought that the woman tried to kill herself so saved her life. It was found that she was the third daughter Choi Hye-seong, of the high class Choi family. She was called ‘Salbyeol’. Shortly thereafter, Jin Geum-seong was forced to marry Choi Hye-seong due to huge debt owed by his mother. Hye seong planned to disappear in the group of migrants to Hamgyeong-do province but she began to feel something about Jin Geum-seong. In the meantime, Min Seo-woon, who is the son of other high-class Min family was obsessed with Hye-seong and tries to possess Hye-seong regardless of means and methods. While Min Seo-woon tries to track them, Choi Hyeseong makes a plan to leave together with Jin Geumseong.

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Cartoon Music Immersive Content


Rockin'KOREA has continuously developed since its establishment in 2000.
We strive to grow into a company with the best competitiveness through IP-based diverse cultural contents like webtoon, web-novel etc.
About 200 webtoon/web novel writers and about 800 content IPs.
It is being serviced not only on domestic platforms but also on various platforms such as China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, North America, and Europe. Many of our writers are female, so we launch high-quality female-oriented works every year.

By establishing ‘Studio 37.5’, we are producing original content such as webtoons and web novels, and are studying AI-based new technology convergence contents.
We collaborate with other companies to produce noble comics and brand's webtoons for promotion,and we are also continuously developing webtoon-related educational programs and running projects to discover new talent.
In particular, starting in 2023, we are actively pursuing a video production business based on our owned webtoon IP. Currently, ‘Crush of Spring’ and ‘Bump up Business’ have been produced and aired as dramas.
This year, 'Marriage Escape', a web novel in the romance and love affair genre, is scheduled to be produced and launched as a webtoon, and a drama is currently in production.

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