DANKONG Hot Spring Water Shower Head

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Dangkong, whose goal is to create a healthy culture with content. Dangkong is a character shaped like a pea. True to its round appearance, Dangkong gets along harmoniously with friends (and sometimes rolls around when bored). Dangkong always steps up to help with any problem and it demonstrating a strong sense of adventure. Among its friends, Dangkong is the most loyal and curious, often getting involved in various incidents due to its outgoing personality.

Dangkong’s biggest dislike is people who are picky eaters.

Just like beans, which are an essential part of our diet and versatile in everyday use, the characters of the Dangkong brand possess infinite potential for expansion in various fields.

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Sullab Co.,Ltd.

We have developed our own character "Pongpong-E" based on the operation of our internal design development research institute. And through the collaboration with "Dankong" IP, we convergence shower head with new characters.

In other developed technology products, we have developed hot spring water raw materials for the past 7 years and its certified by many government guarantee organizations in Korea. Now, our Hot spring water has been registered as a domestic/national cosmetic ingredient. And we used it to produce a baby cosmetics and hot spring water shower products.

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