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Easy play, Easy Glowth, and ultimate strategy.
Dynamic SRPG

- Title : DarkLord
- Platform : Adroid, IOS
- genre : Mobile strategy RPG
Darkroad, which is designed to target global markets, is a north-style strategic turn_base RPG game.
The growth of the hero through reinforcement, combination, synthesis, and decomposition of 250 or more high-quality heroes.
Story Battle, PVP, Boss Guild battle, Daily Dungeon, Dispatch, Guild, Guild Raid battle, Challenge PVP, VIP, etc.
Easy growing and paming through auto play and continuous auto play.
A variety of strategies utilizing heroes, skills, obstacles, tiles, traps, and weather.

Easy play, Easy Glowth, and ultimate strategy.
Dynamic SRPG

Company Profile


Nuri Works Co., Ltd.

Nuri Works meets with Works, which means working with Nuri, a Korean word for the world.
It means to work hard all over the world.
The main business is the development of online game / mobile game, and contents of fresh and unique material
We would like to introduce our games to our customers around the world and contribute to make the world brighter and cheerful.
Nuri Works is a company that works diligently with the management philosophy of 'Thinking differently from the common sense of the world and always happily working'.

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