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Killer. VS. Serial killer.
A chase between a bad guy and a worse guy in the middle of winter in Seoul.

"The reality of evil that grows further and further away. The only clue is open only when you risk your life."

"DEADLY 13" follows the last request of the main character, Seon-ho, who was forced to become a hired gun after being caught up in the dark fight of the evil city.

The morning of January 1st. Killer preference to start day one in a camouflaged residence.
She takes a phone call. News that a client who gave her mission was killed.
The moment she answer the phone, she finally start to see an exit from the last decade of hell.
She became a killer by contract with a devilish villain. In the yoke of hell that never ends before death, the devil died. A final commission falls before her to get rid of the man who killed the devil.
It is too late to revive the already dead hope. she admit that maybe she'll die with this. What she discovered as she set out on the road in search of clues is the shadow of evil that should never exist in this world.

The novel is an action thriller novel set in which a killer chases a serial killer.
However, following Seon-ho's last request, it is also a static novel that follows philosophical thoughts on life and the human platform from the perspective of a killer.
At the end of this journey, Seon-ho and the surrounding characters achieve their respective goals, but eventually find themselves in the same hell.
Life in hell continues. There's always a worse devil in hell. The story of a bad guy who
catches worse evil guy also continues.

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