Death Penalty Referendum

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
OTT Operator
Target Age
60(min) 16Quantity Input


A live-action drama based on the Daum webtoon 'Death Penalty Referendum'. One day, an anonymous person begins targeting and executing criminals who escaped the judgment of the law according to the result of the vote through the App, named 'Death Penalty Referendum'. A breathtaking brain game starts between a mysterious criminal wearing a mask searching for justice behind the scene and the detectives who try to arrest him and save the social justice.

Company Profile

Broadcasting Music

Pan Entertainment

Pan Entertainment is the very first agency that opened the Korean Wave of drama industry around the world. Pan Entertainment is moving another step to globalized contents company to meet the audience who loves and seeks for K-contents. The company became an international media contents group with 'Winter Sonata, 2002', which had kicked off K-contents fever around Asia. So far, Pan Entertainment has been producing over 50 series of dramas that have been loved by global audiences. The company is looking forward to find the chance to introduce K-contents to the world with new partners around the world.

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