Delayed Justice

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Short)
TV Channel
Target Age
70(min) 20Quantity Input


“There are people who live like sinners, despite getting falsely accused of murder.
They are all social minorities, and the perpetrators are top-class elites in Korea.
It is hard to admit, but undeniably true.
On the other hand, there are some who risk their lives to help these judicial victims.
Thanks to their years of effort, murder charges are cleared like miracles.
Such an unbelievable, drama-like story is now made into a real drama.
A precious opportunity to look back on human dignity begins now.

Company Profile

SBS Contents Hub Co., Ltd.


SBS Contents Hub Co., Ltd.

“Making the world brighter by offering a wider perspective on tomorrow” is SBS’s vision.
We are striving to enrich our viewers’ lives and make our society cheerful and healthy.

Based on the values of fidelity, creativity, diversity and practicality,
we will leap into a world-class media group, together with our outstanding talent at SBS Media Group.

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