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Demons Tower is developed in the "card strategy RPG" genre, which combines the card strategy of the "deck building game" genre with the growth and combat action of the "RPG game" genre.
As a stage-clearing game with a dungeon exploration log like system, it provides various tactical fun through strategic card deck building with the goal of capturing dungeons and real-time card combination and strengthening during battles.

- Card battles with variously themed dungeons and unique monsters
- Build your own card deck that you design in real-time based on your battle efficiency
- Character development through enhancement and synthesis of various equipment items and transformation monsters
- Complete a variety of professional attributes through a combination of character development and card deck building
- Spectacular character combat actions when using cards

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Movisoft is Korea's No. 1 HTML5 game developer that develops web and app-based games.
By developing web and app-based games, we have the advantage of being able to develop Google and Apple native apps, web, and in-app services.
Currently, we have developed more than 100 web and app-based hypercasual games and 10 IAP (in-app payment) games, which are currently in service on our own platforms, Hotshare, Popcorn Games, and Google Play.

Key BTB Partners and Service Channels (Movisoft serves as the Master CP for these channels)
* Master CP for Samsung Electronics Galaxy Free Games (80+ games globally)
* Master CP for SK Telecom's Adat game (27 games in service)
* Master CP for Cashwork Games (90 games in service)
* Master CP for SK Planet OK Cashback Game (90 games in service)
* Game content service with Line Next (10 games)

We are expanding our business scope by utilizing the advantages of web and app services.
As the No. 1 web-based (H5) game developer in Korea, we have differentiated technology in development and service operation.

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