Doctor Detective

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
TV Channel
Target Age
70(min) 16Quantity Input


There are people dying from disease on the outskirts of our society. And when such death is brought upon by humans, rather than nature, when the issue isn’t the cure, but prevention, or when C20 has a direct connection to money and profits to the point that the convenience of a majority of a nation and the revival of its economy are at opposition to each other, making most want to simply avert their gaze, Doctor Detective is on the case.
Regardless of the reason, who they're up against, or whatever consequences lie ahead, they expose the surface and truth of occupational accidents and disease, as well as artificial environment disasters.

Company Profile

SBS Contents Hub Co., Ltd.


SBS Contents Hub Co., Ltd.

“Making the world brighter by offering a wider perspective on tomorrow” is SBS’s vision.
We are striving to enrich our viewers’ lives and make our society cheerful and healthy.

Based on the values of fidelity, creativity, diversity and practicality,
we will leap into a world-class media group, together with our outstanding talent at SBS Media Group.

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