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Unlike ghosts and ghost stories that do harm to humans, our unique, well-integrated traditonal character Tokkaebi(Korean Goblin) who enjoys playing with humans, meets high technology. DOKABI ZONE is a compound content in the form of pop-up book illustration with AR technology.  This content, selected as supporting work for the Korea Creative Content Agency, is currently under cooperation with Indian AR company YOUTH BUZZ to promote Dokkaebi in a fresh way. also with our own technology, some of the locations of Dokkaebi storys are provided by VR 360 video. There are going to be two types of output of DOKABI FRIENDS in KOR and EN. We hope this content will promote the interesting story of Korea and the beauty of nature.

Company Profile

Superbean will grow as fast and strong as magic beans in the fairy tale Jack and the Bean Tree, and will give viewers great excitement and joy through the video.

Broadcasting Character Animation Immersive Content

Superbean Corp.

SUPERBAN is a multi-intergrated contents company. Established in 2009 . High Quality contents, superb human resource infrastructure and quality production environment are only few examples of the requisites that make SUPERBEAN one of the leaders in the competitive. With its competitive edge, SUPERBEAN will continue to create opportunities to make inroads in the world with varieties. Documentary, Animation, Musical, Book is our canvas drawing our think creatively.

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