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"On the way home, enjoying a chicken skewer bought with spare change from the pocket, followed by a comforting beer after a tiring day at work... We joyfully unravel the small memories and hardships of life intertwined with food in daily life.

EP 1: After tasting the 'preparedness of the heart' encountered at the chicken skewer shop on the way home, the next day turns the restroom into a battleground...

EP 2: Enrolled in Pilates classes to relieve work stress. With the instructor's ""close your ribs!"" countless ribcage openings and closings, only to suffer from muscle pain. The next day, galbitang (beef rib soup) is served in the office cafeteria.

EP 3: Arriving home with spicy tteokbokki to share with my sibling, only to find the door lock jammed due to dead batteries. With no response from the sibling who should be inside, trapped in worries about the increasing tteokbokki and paranoid thoughts about the possibility of the sibling collapsing, I end up calling 119..."

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Joara is the nation's best and biggest web novel and webtoon platform with about 2M subscribers since 2000.
Joara IP business team is developing, producing and distributing such as webtoon, film and seires contents based on about 800,000 IP sources.
So far, we are developing original scenario, producing and distributing 50 webtoon and servicing 16 kinds of game contents.
Joara is leading the paradigm shift in the content market by activating the secondary commercialization by producing trans-media contents.

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