Duda & Dada Season3 Amazing Animals Expedition

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‘Duda & Dada’ is a story of how a little, happy-go-lucky mole "Duda," discovering the world above ground, befriends an explorer "Dada" and has exciting adventures with funny friends. In the new season , they explore forests, oceans, and other mystical places to meet wonderous animals and to complete Expedictionary - a wiki-encyclopedia for all explorers in the world. As they become a friend with more animals, Everybody's Dictionary becomes much abundant. Let's go to the adventure together and grow a broader and more in-depth view of the world!

Company Profile

Broadcasting Character Animation

Eyescream Studio

Eyescream Studio was established as a TV CF and Exhibition film CGI service provider in 2006. Since 2010, the studio commenced developing own creative animations.

The first animation "Detective Arki" won 'Best Technology Award' on 2011 SPP Competition. Then the studio produced "Duda and Dada" TV series animation with EBS which the top Korean broadcasting station for children is. It has been broadcasting on EBS since Dec 2013 and got no.1 view rating among other kids' contents aired at the same time.

In the global market, it was distributed to China, France, and Russia also LATAM. Especially, in China, there are indoor theme parks but also specialized cinemas for "Duda and Dada 4D-ride action series".

Now in the studio, the first feature film "Duda and Dada The secret of HooHoo Island" (working title) is completed and is planning to distribute within next year and animation projects for new-media platform are on the pre-production stage.

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