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Terrafire is an enormous pillar of fire that was started when humanity recklessly mined to the core of the Earth in search of Terrasite. Collect this most potent mineral on Earth and build your own base and craft tools and weapons to survive. The Earth's fate is in your hands.

1. Terrafire and Landmark
Everywhere that Terrafire is burning is about to be wiped away. Only you can stop it through a co-op play by visiting Landmarks on the map.

2. Survival and Crafting
Collect resources from your surroundings and craft clothes, weapons, food, and other necessities of survival. Hunt down animals for fresh meat and cook to starve off hunger. To survive longer, you need to look after your body condition to avoid getting undesirable status effects from elements like cold, heatstroke, or radiation exposure.

3. Housing Construction
Build your own base to live in. Freely combine any of the 16 basic construction components to create your own structures. Construct structures and devices that will produce essential survival items or protect you from threats, such as Workbenches, Storages, Grills, and Turrets.

4. Battle and Location Events
Enjoy FPS combat with melee weapons and firearms. Build a research facility to start crafting modern weapons. With enough progress, you can even produce powerful futuristic weapons. Other factors affecting your chance of survival include random supply drops, combat encounters with mysterious scouts, and the presence of hidden snipers, among many others.

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Reality MagiQ is a multi-platform gaming company founded by veteran developers who have been creating high-quality games for over a decade. We strive to provide the best gaming experience for all platforms, including PCs, VR, consoles, and mobile devices.

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