Escape Point


Escape Point is taking place at the maximum-security prison where the place is now overrun by zombies. Players are to be at the escape point on time. It is a multi-play game of 1 to 8 players with 2 play modes, ‘scenario mode’ and ‘death match mode’. In scenario mode, the goal for the players is to escape successfully and take whatever necessary measures to accomplish. However, each player is assigned a sub-mission which requires cooperation to accomplish the submission or betrayer. In death match mode, players are to defeat other players while avoiding zombies and securing weapons. It is very fun to defeat other players while taking out various zombies.

Company Profile



Most of our members are well-experienced in game development and have career background from well-known game developers in Korea. Our mission is to design and develop multi-play game with high quality and simplicity so that not only gamers enjoy and experience VR games but also the non-gamers can do the same. We had established a subsidiary to operate LBE business in Korea. Experiencing LBE business, we can collect the user response data, and be able to develop a simple and fun VR Game with multi-play function. As our performance, we launched our games in global markets including North America, Northern Europe, and China. Recently we formed partnership with Top-tier in China, and our contents will be launched in the 1st half of year 2020. And it acquired Bombus, the largest graphic studio in Korea and Vietnam. There are 250 artiests working in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam. And we will open new studios in Indonesia, Malayisa and the Philippines in 2022. Our studio's unique feature is that it can go from hand-drawn to realistic style, and as a graphic studio, we aim to be a global graphic studio that can maximize our capabilities and satisfy all our customers.

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