Fanta-Stick DGX

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Fanta-Stick DGX is a 'Sport-ainment' group fitness program which combined sportiness of drum performance with entertainment. Drum performance allows to check the amount of calorie lost and muscle use, and specialized application display shows tracking data and training to encourage the continuous development and training. Fanta-Stick DGX aims to broaden fitness and entertainment market with its unique contents.

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Haera Inc.

Haera Inc., a leading company in culture, arts and CT, pursues values that are one of a kind for the public.
Since 2007, Haera Inc. has created four business fields - 'Event Planning and Production Business', 'Year-round Performance Production and Operation Business', 'Culture and Arts Education and Experience Business', and 'Cultural Development and Social Contribution Business'.
Haera Inc. has also been working in various fields, such as launching sport-ainment group fitness program 'Fanta-Stick DGX' .
We aim to meet the needs of various global partners, and constantly challenge ourselves to be the no.1 company in performance planning and CT program production.

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