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Fashion life connector with your friends and Shops. Social Networking Fashion Commerce
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Fash-On is a fashion connection SNS commerce solution that links friends' fashion lives and integrates individuals' wardrobes directly with stores.

[App - Closet Talk Features]
"Mom! I've put the clothes I want in the cart ^^": Supports and manages children’s fashion shopping.
"Honey, I hope you wear this tomorrow...": Allows friends or family members to enter each other's wardrobes and coordinate outfits.

[App - Social Closet / Style for You]
- Privately share wardrobes with friends on a one-to-one basis, and enjoy shopping together.
- Recommend clothes that match or complement a friend’s existing wardrobe.

[Connecting Shops and Customers]
- Connect your wardrobe with shops to receive fashion coordination and product recommendations.
- Bring your wardrobe to the offline shop kiosks to coordinate and shop.
[Essential Tools for Businesses]
- Provides a web dashboard with various statistics.
- Offers customer coordination and other service interfaces.
- Promotes offline store visits with web-based cart promotions and video solutions.
This service provides a new type of fashion commerce experience, combining social networking with commerce.

[Service Value]
- Uses recent favorite clothes as core data to facilitate connections with stores.
- Starts commerce communication from the clothes customers enjoy wearing this season.
- Fits for various types of fashion commerce model as brand retail, multi-brand markets (both online and offline retail), each optimized according to the characteristics of different enterprises.
All in one fashion commerce solution - [fash-on: connect]

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Fashion life style connector - Fash-on Connect

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Fash-on is 'Fashion Lifestyle Connector' with friends & shops; SNS Fashion Commerce solution. Fash-on is a fashion connection that links friends' fashion lives and connects your wardrobe with stores. "Mom, I've put the clothes I want in the shopping cart^^", "Babe, I hope you wear this tomorrow..." It opens up wardrobe-based communication and connects with commerce in a new style of social network fashion commerce activity - Closet Talk. 1st party retail customer data is generated sustainablly and continously in our service system

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