Find WiiLii

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here is a world where TELEPORTATION DEVICE, which has changed the future and lives o fhumanity with its first appearance, has beencommercialized. However, this device has a flaw: the traveler’s memory is lost with a 5% chance. These LOST MEMORIES called WiiLii cause the machine to malfunction, so the service developer IIOIIG secretly operates a team 'Find WiiLii’ to eliminate WiiLii.
In the Find WiiLii experience, you discover hidden facts while working as a newcomer to this secretive 'Find WiiLii' team.

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Giioii Immersive Storytelling Studio

Immersive Content

Giioii Immersive Storytelling Studio

GiiÖii, an immersive content company founded in 2020, has been invited in leading global film festivals, including SXSW,IDFA, Tribeca, etc., in recognition of our artistic value while producing various performances, musicals, and XR works such as Find WiiLii, Missing Pictures, Ihyangjeong, etc. Based on global networks, we are promoting the production of XR content using immersive technology, the development of creative platforms and content using AI motion captures, etc.

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