Football videos filmed with drones, Educational videos of European football coaches and experts.

Year of Production



1. Football videos filmed with drones
- Having one's highlight football video is like a dream for most of football players.
- We provide high quality of videos filmed with drones and edit it to make it viral.
- Videos can be used for a memory of players and parents, match analysis, and profile videos.

2. Educational videos of European coaches and experts saying coaching philosophy and specialty knowledge
- European and South american coaches will tell young players about how to be professional players
- There are various subjects such as positions, situations, and ages and each expert has different philosophy based on their backgrounds.
- Sports education consists more than just teaching skills. Young players have to know about deep knowledge about strategy, physical development, managing injury, psychology.
- It's very valuable for young players in many countries to know many perspective from global top experts.

Company Profile

Other Startup

Orange Football Network

Orange Football Network Inc. is a startup company delivering knowledge in each specialty area to young sports players wanting to be professional.
It will be very valuable for young players in many countries to know not only knowledge about skills that can be learned by body experience but also knowledge about strategy, physical development, career management, motivation, and leadership.
We will make educational videos with top specialists in each sector in Europe.
As a founder I have been experienced while getting 300k subscribers and 500m won of sales and found a marketfit by operating a football contents company for 3 years. To focus on expand global market, I sold the company and setting up a new service in foreign countries.
With 3 years of experience in football and contents industries, I can make a bigger and faster growth based on numerous proven results.
Besides there are great people who want to join.
now I'm preparing to open a service with Japanese and Chinese partners.

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