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Frutti Dino characters are cute creatures that combine fruits and dinosaurs. These little dinosaurs drink a special liquid that drips from the 'AmberTree' and transform into various Frutti Dinos. They embark on adventures to protect their planet, 'Atusia', from the villainous dinosaur 'Mammon'. In Korea, products like Kids-Vita C and board games have been released, with plans for bags, plush toys, toys, and comic books. Additionally, various games featuring Frutti Dino characters, such as dinosaur-raising simulations and merge defense games, are in preparation for launch, suitable for all age groups.

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Game Character Startup


Monoverse is continuously developing promising Intellectual Properties (IP) and pursuing collaborative growth through partnerships and licensing. Additionally, the game development studio, composed of blockchain technology experts, planners, server developers, and client developers, is pioneering a new genre of games using NFT (Non-Fungible Token) based game character creation technology. We aim to develop and discover IPs with growth potential and pursue collaborative growth with various partners through strategic alliances. Its first projects, Frutti Dino, is looking forward to collaboration with global partners.
1. IP Business
Our aim is to develop and discover IPs with growth potential and pursue collaborative growth through strategic alliances with various partners. The first project, Frutti Dino, is excited about collaborating with global partners.
2. Game Development
We develop a variety of games in-house and aim to pioneer a new genre of games based on NFTs targeting the global market. We have launched casual mobile games, Frutti Dino Stories, and Frutti Dino Dash globally, and we are currently developing games in more diverse genres.

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