Gall3ry 3

Year of Production


we are launching GALL3RY 3, the very first solution of its kind – an application that accesses blockchain data to automatically generate visually stunning images and videos based on NFTs to be shared on social media so users can interact in a smarter way. GALL3RY 3 elevates the experience of discussing NFTs with your online community

Company Profile

Broadcasting Character Cartoon Animation Fashion Startup

Platfarm inc.

Platfarm inc, the company behind the Zookiz content, is a startup targeting the global character market and has partnered with Samsung, Google, Telkom, and others to power the Mojitok character emoji solution.
The company is accelerating its expansion into the Southeast Asian market based on the popularity of its Zookiz character sticker packs, which have been downloaded more than 700 million times on Vietnam's No. 1 messenger app Zalo.
It is also proving its marketability through IP licensing and merchandising agreements, along with the expansion of various commercial character development, webtoon and animation content.
Recently, we signed an exclusive domestic broadcasting contract with KT Alpha, and in Vietnam, we are broadcasting on several major TV/OTT and animation programs, and expanding into flagship stores and merchandise areas to gain more attention and popularity.

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