Geun-sik Goes to School

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He must save his friends from the danger that threatens their lives!
2 years ago, Geun-sik unintentionally saved a devil, and in return he was gifted with a curse that kills the people around him. He goes to high school to find clues to break the curse. He uses the fixed rules related to the curse to save his friends, but on the first week of school, the rules suddenly change.
“Did you meet the devil too?”
He meets a boy called Tae-Ha, who claims to be under the same curse. Geun-sik begins to feel hope in finding more clues, only to be shocked later on when he finds out that Tae-Ha has been misusing his curse to hurt others. Geun-sik’s reaction piques Tae-Ha’s interest in him.
“If you find someone who is cursed like you, tell me.”
Tae-Ha remembers the request of a spirit who once helped him, but chooses to ignore it. Now Tae-Ha decides to silently put pressure on Geun-sik and his friends.
Can Geun-sik solve the devil’s curse and return to the normal life he once had?

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