GOGO's Book Journey

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Channel
Target Age
Infants and Toddlers
5(min) 104Quantity Input


In an used bookstore in New York City lives GOGO the bookworm surrounded by piles of book.

GOGO is a curious little boy full of energies.

He is always curious about the stories contained in the books piled up around him.

GOGO goes on adventures every day from one book to another with his good friends.

Now, let’s follow GOGO and his friends on an adventure!

Company Profile

Animation Character Game


“XrisP creates future through the use of ‘CRISPY’ and ‘CRUNCHY’ content.”
XrisP provides service on planning, producing and publishing for the creation of initial content source. XrisP was founded in 2012 and actively developing animation contents (Rollercoaster Boy Nori, The story of Bookworm GOGO, Panda Wang, etc. for TV and movie), hardware (Nori Smart RC Car, Nori 4D racer, VR/AR) and software.
XrisP is currently building Digital Interactive Kids playground in Germany, Korea and China based on its IP, Rollercoaster boy, NORI

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