Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
22(min) 24Quantity Input
Production Stage
Projects in Production
Detailed Genre
Comic Action



Black Dog, the infamous violent gang unit of robots raging amid social mayhem
The extensive tracking down of Black Dog by Dorothy and the Golden Panda pair

In 2032, a variety of robots quickly replace human labor. Dorothy, an eight-year-old girl who lost her mom who a genius robot machine engineer in an robot accident during a machine police unit crackdown on a large protest for human labor rights developed machine-related trauma.

In 2038, Dorothy’s father, Dr. Do who runs his business using machine remodeling receives an offer to cooperation from Black Dog is a group notorious for its violence using machines. However Dr. Do rejects the offer then finally kidnapped by Black Dog.

Meanwhile, Dorothy decides to start driving herself the machine Golden Panda a yellow robot machine remodeled by Dr. Do despite her trauma when her dad goes missing . After struggling, team Dorothy succeeds to infiltrate the Black Dog head- quarters, but unexpected conspiracy wait for team Dorothy...

Company Profile

Startup Animation Character

Sopp Co., Ltd.

[Design Studio in Seoul]

Sopp Studio was founded for the IP business and started developing original projects based on experience of character design and toy production. Now we are developing two Sci-fi action comedy stories GOLDEN PANDA about 3 kid musketeers with their 3 AI robot friends and GALACTIC PANTZ the story about 2 alien robot brothers' adventure and fighting for peace of the universe as our title IPs.

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