Golden Panda

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In City 78, Eugene lives among construction bots but is one of the few children. His life is thrown into chaos when his inventor parents vanish without a trace. Searching for answers, he discovers a new robot called Golden Panda, and he and his friends Dorothy and Sammy pilot them. As the Three Musketeers, they vow to protect their home and uncover the truth about Eugene's parents. But as they face powerful foes, they realize they are in for an even greater challenge than they ever imagined.

Company Profile

Character Animation Startup

Sopp Co., Ltd.

Sopp Studio Seoul.

Design-based content planning studio in Seoul, Founded in 2020. Leveraging the founder’s extensive experience in toy production to branch into the original IP planning and development business.

The key projects include the epic mecha “Galactic Pantz Series” and the omnibus series “SFGP,” with ongoing efforts in animation development and character licensing.

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