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<Golden Record Retriever> is a rogue-lite deck-building game, equipped with adventurous tales of a golden retriever kidnapped by alien intruders after its owner’s death who had launched a mass of “Golden Records” to outer space. Breaking the genre’s tradition, the game provides a unique structure, where players will keep surviving in its ecosystem undying after every unit of adventures. Unlike its predecessors in the genre, which tend to adapt and rely on cards, <Golden Record Retriever> adapts “dice” as its core component. In every journey, a player will be required to recruit colleagues. Each of the colleagues is symbolized by a die, and a die consists of unique faces depending on the colleague’s unique pool of abilities. By collecting, upgrading, and assembling the analogue, wooden components, players will soon feel the thrill that comes from being a victim of luck and its controller at the same time.

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Hoochoo Game Studios Co.,Ltd.

Games created by Hoochoo Game Studios share a goal to become a “turning point.” Since our beginning in 2020, we have considered game as the best medium that carries its consumers to their self-reflecting and mind-changing experience. Providing a fictional world and a life as a totally different character, games can drag players into extreme and unrealistic but convincing circumstances, which will eventually let them follow and discover their desire and thinking. With this notion, the team aim to design a game that features players as the best and prior content of the game.

The team is currently based in Seoul, Korea.

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