Hello Sia

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
15(min) 26Quantity Input
Production Stage
Projects in Production
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Storyland, high up in the sky, is made up of our children's imagination and curiosity, presenting children with storybooks made of their imagination and curiosity.
Centering on a holy tree of story in Storyland, small and big events happen every day because of clumsy villains who are irritated by children's imagination and curiosity.
How will Sia, a big-headed girl with big and sparkling eyes who always confuses others with her bouncy imagination and actions, protect our children's tree of s

Company Profile

Character Animation Startup

Culture Planet Co., Ltd

Culture Planet is a cultural contents planning and distribution company that was established in April 2016 based on 20 years of planning, production and distribution of animation and related OSMU contents.
Culture Planet has started to produce broadcasting animations to discover the interesting and diverse stories in Asia and to help children to develop their imagination through storytelling and learn proper reading habits and media device usage through animation. We are developing combined convergence products through collaborating with specialized companies in various fields such as Asia Culture Center and ICT companies.
In addition, Culture Planet is preparing to produce and distribute contents that combine AR/VR and robot technologies that will operate at a specialized place for children at the Asia Culture Center with South Korea's leading developers. Finally, Culture Planet is in collaboration with local and foreign animation related educational institutions, aims to overcome th

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