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Dana Song(female/29 years old), who is the manager of webtoon production company 'J Studio' and secretly works as a makeup YouTuber. While Dana is doing a fake-makeup challenging YouTube broadcast in real time, her boyfriend who stopped by her house is shocked seeing Dana's horrible makeup.

Dana, who was dumped by her boyfriend while doing makeup YouTuber as a hobby, decides to conceal her second character(i.e. an online costume player for the general public).

However, despite his determination, Seok-jin Kim(male/27 years old), Dans`s team mate who found the video content from Dana`s channel in the popularity rankings.
Next day, he suggests to produce a new webtoon contents based on Dana's video.

Dana suspects that if Seokjin knows that she is the one or not, and suggests a secret (?) partnership for her safe working life.

Company Profile



Joara is the nation's best and biggest web novel and webtoon platform with about 2M subscribers since 2000.
Joara IP business team is developing, producing and distributing such as webtoon, film and seires contents based on about 800,000 IP sources.
So far, we are developing original scenario, producing and distributing 50 webtoon and servicing 16 kinds of game contents.
Joara is leading the paradigm shift in the content market by activating the secondary commercialization by producing trans-media contents.

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