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□ Virtual Reality-based individual/team structure integrated training simulator
: This system enables team-by-team and individual trainings to prevent accidents caused by complex marine accidents. The medical institution provides a virtual training scenario (first base, collision, fire, flood) to allow rescue workers of the marine police to experience the situation directly and maximize awareness and agility of the danger situation.

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Samwoo Immersion Co.,Ltd

Samwoo Immersion is a company specialized in developing intelligent monitoring solution based on fusion technology established in 2011,
We are carrying out various national Research and Development tasks and projects based on specialized technology such as various virtual experience solutions.
In addition, since its establishment, we have been researching and developing real-based 3D simulation technology of the highest degree of difficulty
As a result, we have developed the commercial ship control simulator for the first time in the domestic market.
To realize the virtual reality technology that we dreamed of today, immersion reality immersive reality technology
We are constantly researching and developing, and are emerging as a leader in fusion technology.

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