IoT Game Learning System based on Smart Cube

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Smart Cube-based Basic Math IoT Game Learning Platform:
- Implementing a self-directed learner environment of digital transformation, developing learners' multifaceted intelligence, online learning, multilingual support
- Differentiated smart devices and learning contents with motion detection technology and haptic vibration function
- ICT-based Smart Braille Cube: ICT Braille Learning Diocese for the Visually and Deaf

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Creacube.Co., Ltd.

Creacube is the math learning tools that provides mobile application and IOT device for learning math skills. It engages students in visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile learning through Mataverse class contents as well as its physical device in interactive ways. It supports multiple languages includes Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. Its online contents are related to school curriculums and also allow to access multiple users at the same time, so that it can be used in the school classes or online classes.
Creacube is the winner of Korean minister of Education's Award, and Patented Technology Award in Korea.

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