Iron Dragon

Year of Production
Content Type
2D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 52Quantity Input
Production Stage
Projects in Production
Detailed Genre
Comic Action


An incredible adventure with a dragon that takes place in a fantasy world.
The adventure story is set in a peaceful village of Sizzle Land where Master Ssabu teaches students while protecting dragon eggs. The evil villain Mos provokes a surprise attack on the village and turns Master Ssabu into a stone. Luckily, a young student Iron defeats Mos and saves the community from the maelstrom. Happy villagers celebrate with joy, but Iron is saddened—believing that his mistakes dispersed the dragon eggs and trapped Ssabu’s soul inside the stone. Accompanied by Xina, Slime, and Mos’ dragon presented by the villagers, Iron sets out on a journey to break the curse and recollect the dragon eggs.

Company Profile

Character Animation


Established in 2012, Mostapes always strives for the best. We assembled talented people from successful projects—an animation Aachi and Ssipak and a mobile game Mad Acorn. As a team, we released a comedy animation Naughty Nuts co-produced with companies CJ ENM and EBS. The series premiered on February 2017 and widened its broadcasting range to cable channels like Tooniverse and Disney. Along with the Naughty Nuts season 2 pre-production, Mostapes is currently working on new, ambitious projects, a music animation Chippyhood, a mobile game Rock Zombie, and a fantasy adventure animation Iron Dragon.

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