JJOY Song_eurhythmics

Year of Production
Content Type
Kids Education
TV Channel
Target Age
Infants and Toddlers
2(min) 10Quantity Input



Follow the exciting eurhythmics! Enjoy classic nursery rhyme loved by children in a long time!
I can learn English while dancing and singing.

Company Profile


Playlearn Media, Inc.

Foundeded in 2009, Playlearn Media(Playlearn TV) has been representative Kids Educational TV Channel in Korea. Producing fun and easy educational contents, kids can learn without difficulty through our channel and we have grown into one of the most reliable Edutainment TV channel for parents as well.

Playlearn TV has been broadcasting on IPTV(KT, SK broadband, LG Uplus) and Cable TV in South Korea with 16 million Subscribers since Oct. 2009.

We combine with play and education to make programs targeted for kids. We focus on creating fun and educational programs that kids can watch with interest at the same time parents can show their children with an easy mind.

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