Journey of Long

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
7(min) 52Quantity Input
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A mysterious and majestic dragon, but Long has a problem… Known for his trouble-making ways, Long now needs to survive in the city! Being a country dragon, Long has arrived in the city with a single goal: to become a chef! Although Long is able to overcome difficult situations with his unlimited positive energy, becoming the world’s best chef proves to be a long and bumpy road. Each day Long is ready to take on a new challenge, as he imagines his future as the world’s best chef… Crazy and exciting challenges await him daily. His epic adventure of becoming the world’s best chef begins!

Company Profile

Character Animation


Studio Gale Co., LTD is established in 2008, as a 3D animation studio specialized in creating and producing global animation.
Well known two of main projects are “Pororo the Little Penguin” and “Tayo the Little Bus”.
Our first project ‘Grami’s Circus Show’ has been credited for its value on the international stage winning for the competition of TV series for Teen at ‘Cartoons on the Bay’ and being nominated in ‘Annecy International Animation Festival’. And 'Journey of Long' was selected for TV Pilot at Cartoons on the Bay and won the grand prize for Best Character at SPP. Featured animation project "Millionaire Woody" was pitched at Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux French and our newest animation 'Tomoncar' is the first animation produced using Unity in Asia.
Studio Gale Co., Ltd. is making great strides to leap to become one of the top 5 animation studios in Asia.

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