King of Hiphop

Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Mini-series)
TV Channel
Target Age
60(min) 6Quantity Input


Sensational and hip drama series targeting 10-20 years old young audience!
Youngbaek is raised by a poor grand-mother in Daegu from 11 years old. One day he finds an old CD player with hiphop CDs at an second-hand store, and it changes his life as he starts to express himself with hiphop music. As his hiphop is recognized in Daegu, his grand-mother sends him to Seoul to his mother. Living with vein mother, he adapts himself to the new high school mingling with new friends. One day at a class, he has to sing hiphop and he becomes news in the school. Since then, cheering with friends he becomes underground hiphop star though his rival Taehwang puts him in difficulties all the times, and known as hiphop singer nationally....

Company Profile


Intercon Media

Interconmedia is a Korean company specialized on content distribution for broadcasting , new media and film industry. We distribute Korean drama series, documentary, films, web drama series, lifestyle and animations in HD/4K UHD.
In partnership with local partners in USA, Japan and Taiwan, we do content service in American, Japanese and Taiwanese platforms continuously with Korean programs. In Korea, we have launched over 200 feature films in Korean digital platforms.
- Korean Drama series, Web Drama, Documentary, Lifestyle
- Korean Film Distribution, average one new release per month

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