Year of Production
Content Type
TV Drama (Short)
TV Channel
Target Age
70(min) 6Quantity Input


Director: Lee Jun-hyung
Cast: Lee Ho-won(Infinite Hoya), Lee Na-eun(April), Shin Won-ho(Cross Gene), Han Hyun-min, Yuna, Bobby Kim
Genre: Hiphop, Music, Growth, Youth Drama
Runtime: 6eps x 60min
Release: 2019.02 (SBS)

Sensational and hip drama series targeting 10-20s young audience!

Young-baek is raised by a poor grand-mother in Daegu who is selling toast to US Army soldier at a street shop from 11 years old. One day he finds an old CD player with hiphop CDs at a second-hand store, and it changes his life completely as he starts to express himself with hiphop music. As his hiphop is recognized in Daegu, his grand-mother sends him to Seoul to his mother at the age of 18. Living with vein mother, he adapts himself to the transferred high school making friends like Song Ha-jin who is working as part timer at a convenience store near his house, and talkative but warm-hearted Suh Ki-ha. One day at a class, he has to sing hiphop and he becomes news in the school. But ...

Company Profile

Broadcasting Character Cartoon Animation Music Other


Broadcast contents distribution company.
YOUNG and CONTENTS CO.,LTD is distributing Korean broadcasting contents to worldwide. YC’s CEO Mr.Lee Hyo Young had worked for KBS Media for more than 26years as a head of Global Marketing Dept., etc. After having worked as a CEO for Hunus Entertainment which is a drama production and management company for 2 years, then he established his own company.
So he has been selling a lot of Korean dramas and other k-wave contents like music , webtoons to many countries.
Business Fields - Broadcasting Contents Distribution, Webtoons Distribution, K-POP Star Goods Distribution, K-POP Concert, Format, etc.

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