King's Maker - Triple Crown

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"I made him emperor."
Wolfgang, who led the army to the emperor's evil deeds and succeeded in a coup. After Wolfgang became emperor, he took possession of Shin Su-hyuk, who made Wolfgang an Emperor, and nominated him as the head of the treasury.
Despite the Wolfgang's constant skinship and affection, Su-hyuk draws the line believing that Wolfgang doesn't love him. To make matters worse, those who resist the power of Wolfgang attack the palace and Su-hyuk, who was wearing emperor clothes, was kidnapped instead of Wolfgang.

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Jaedam Media is a company specializing in comic and webtoon contents with the motto of "Capturing all the fun in the world." We’re planing, producing, developing webtoons with artists based on systematic planning/production, distribution, and global business system.

● Planing and Producing of Content like webtoon, webnovel
There are more than 500 webtoons planned and produced by Jaedam Media, and about 50 new works are introduced to the world every year in collaboration with 350 artists. The greatest feature and strength of Jaedam Media is that it does not lean toward one genre, but creates works of various genres with various unique artists.

● Domestic and International distribution of content like webtoon and webnovel
In Korea, we’re closely collaborating with major webtoon platform such as NAVER, KAKAO, RIDI, and BOMTOON And it also actively exports more than 350 works to 13 countries and collaborating with major overseas platforms such as Tappytoon, Tapas, Delitoon, Kuaikan, Piccoma and Comico. We’re positioned as a leader in promoting the charm of K-Webtoon.

● Number one company with original IPs
In addition, the IP business is also active, and currently 28 works have been signed and produced on TV series or Movie, and 21 cases of additional rights have been carried out games/animation/goods/others. It communicates with readers in various forms, not just webtoons, and spreads various fun like the motto of Jaedam.

● Establishment of subsidiaries for character and junior contents
It is expanding its content business in various ways by establishing a subsidiary that specializes in characters and junior content as well as webtoons and webnovels.

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