L'eternel Paris 2022 F/W Vancouver Collection

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Women's Wear



It's the L'eternel Paris 2022 F/W Vancouver Collection

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L'eternel Paris

We are Leternell, a designer brand with romantic French chic sensibility.
In April 2021, a man who liked classical music and studied clothes (Designer Kim Sung-jun),
A woman who likes fashion and studied piano (CEO Seo Eun-jung) has their own emotions
I've created a brand that's melted.Letternell is a French word for "eternel," which means "eternal."
It has a brand name from and contains our own sensibility that "will never change."
It was born of the desire to be a wife. We're going to talk about the French sentiment of Leternell
The traditional elements that reveal the beauty of the soup are designed to melt naturally
I have it.

# Designer Kim Sung-jun
ecole de la chambresyndical de la couture parisienne

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