Last monkey show

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'Okong(King of Monkey)' went to a battle after himself got unsealed, when the existence outside from Earth who calls self as 'Agents of God' attacks earth.
Repeated battles made 'Okong' to be stronger and amalgamate with his robot called 'Jaecheon-daesung (King of sky)'.
Because of the amalgamation with 'Robot-King of sky', Okong's Power disappeared when he got sealed has came back to him.
But the 'Robot-King of sky' starts to encroach Okong's mind to become a King of destruction.
Can Okong win this fierce battle and guard his mind and then save this world?

Company Profile


Broadcasting Cartoon


KENAZ, a Webtoon production company, runs a Webtoon pre-production system to focus on Producing Webtoons with high quality of artwork and storyline.

Especially, about 200 Artists are active in the house.

Kenaz has founded a story-laboratory to develop Webtoon’s solid story. Also, To expand the range of artists and to provide the best work environment for creation, Kenaz established 'Studio PlumB' for Male targeted Webtoon, 'Studio Jungle' for Game IP based Webtoon, 'Studio TeamPeach' for Female targeted webtoon.

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