Little Minicorn

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Infants and Toddlers
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In Production
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As the story of the growth of plump little unicorns who have fun every day at Cloud Village's Rainbow Playground, Little Minicorn have individual birth characteristics.
- About character -
Star (Sky Blue) - A little unicorn with many dreams and always smiling and thinking funny thoughts.
Snow (white) - White baby unicorn, bright personality, curious, little unicorn from Minicorn Friends.
Sunny (Yellow) - A bright, lively, energetic little unicorn.
Luna (Purple) - A little unicorn with a calm and quiet personality.
Cloo (Gray) - A timid little unicorn who is very scared and doesn't like being scared.
Li (blue) - A fast, strong and brave little unicorn.
Mint (Green) - A pure and emotional little unicorn who loves nature.
Love (Pink) - Lovely and kind little unicorn

Company Profile


Character Cartoon Animation Startup

Qtizz Co., Ltd

Qtizz is Through cute and attractive emotional characters and sensuous content
It is our value and goal to bring joy and excitement to everyone in the world.
Through cute and fun contents and character products that capture the hearts of consumers, We will lead the character entertainment industry and grow into a global company.

Qtizz is a subsidiary of Jaedam Media, a webtoon company.
Secondary business of webtoon character IP, licensing of Cuties original character IP, animation planning and production, character design, emoticons, character products, collaboration.
Qtizz is an IP business specialized company that develops all-round business related to content IP.

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