Look here, my lord!

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A truck from this world came into me from my babies' concert hall.
I saw the legendary performance before I died, so I have no regrets. It was a good life. This concept was really cool. I never thought I'd die…….

"No!" My limited edition goods

I have to go home to see goods that I haven't seen before
He went to Helbers, the land of the Mahs, who may know the magic of moving to dimensions.

But the devil is handsome.
To the point of turning my babies into squid.
However, the devil's confidant is also handsome.

Feed him, put him to sleep, wash him, put him on, play him, carry him, give him money.
I looked it up and they said there's no dimension shift magic.
....I don't think I have to go back.

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GoodyStudio, a company that makes webtoons well!
We are producing works under a block deal for webtoons and web novels with KakaoPage, and we are collaborating with nearly 10 works of RIDI and Noble Comics.
In addition, we hope to discuss the distribution of various works that are already being produced, co-produce Noble Comic We hope to discuss various conditions for visualization of many works, including our web novel work 'Lee Seol Yi-hyun'.

GoodyStudio, which specializes in producing high-quality webtoons, operates a special studio
Through this collaboration, we hope to discuss the production and distribution of various works that can discuss OSMU with various partners.

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